Top 5 challenges during a meeting that hinder productivity

Polina Glukhova
November 21, 2023
top 5 challenges during a meeting

Gartner research has identified 5 challenges of digital meetings that hinder productivity:

1. Outcomes: Unclear next actions
2. Engagement: Low interest from participants
3. Overload: Too many meetings
4. Leadership: Failure to set an agenda and prepare
5. Attendance: Difficulty in involving relevant decision-makers.

Concentrate on these aspects when conducting digital meetings:

• Valuable meetings focus on identifying work, addressing complex issues, and making decisions.

• Successful engagement demands the right mix of topic, attendees, time, and interaction.

• Reclaiming control over calendars is essential for employees.

• Building trust involves sharing a meeting agenda and purpose beforehand.

• Optimize by inviting only essential participants with critical information or decision-making roles.

These challenges point to the need for businesses to refine their digital meeting practices, fostering greater productivity and collaboration in the virtual workspace.

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Source: Improve Remote Work Effectiveness by Rising to These Top 10 Meeting Challenges” 2021

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