Top benefits of working in the office

Polina Glukhova
October 24, 2023
top benefits of working in the office

The results of the Global Survey of Working Arrangements 2023 collected responses from full-time employees across 34 countries and revealed the reasons why employees prefer to go to the office.

The report shows that the primary reasons for employees to head to the office are not necessarily tied to productivity, as one might assume.

According to the findings from the survey, socializing with co-workers is the top reason for employees choosing to work from the office.

Following closely behind, face-to-face collaboration emerges as the second most compelling reason for employees to opt for the office as their work environment.

This highlights the vital role of in-person interactions and teamwork in the modern workplace.

The findings of the report can help organizations and employers tailor their strategies, incorporating advanced communication technologies such as virtual reality, to optimize the benefits of both remote and office work settings.

Source: Working from Home Around the Globe: 2023 Report” 2023

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