Metaverse security and privacy

Polina Glukhova
August 29, 2023
digital trust framework

World Economic Forum in their recent report with Accenture talks about the metaverse privacy and safety. The report emphasises the importance of digital trust and says that:

“Digital trust will be paramount to metaverse adoption as it is a critical building block for consumers and enterprises alike to promote a sense of safety and well-being.”

But what is digital trust?

Digital trust refers to individuals’ anticipation that both digital technologies and the entities offering them will safeguard the interests of all involved parties while maintaining societal norms and values.

The report features a graph representing a digital trust framework that explains the elements of digital trust. The framework is designed as a decision-making guide for high-level leaders when considering the development, use or application of digital technologies.

As the metaverse gains popularity, ensuring digital trust and security is crucial for a safe and trustworthy virtual experience.

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Source: “Privacy and Safety in the Metaverse” WEF & Accenture 2023 

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