Reduce business travel with effective virtual meetings

Polina Glukhova
August 22, 2023
virtual meetings are effective

World Resources Institute research on business air travel and climate states that:

70% of frequent travelers found that virtual meetings are more feasible and effective than previously thought.

The results showed that frequent travelers view virtual collaboration favorably. This is due to technological advancements that make virtual communication efficient, saving resources and promoting sustainability.

Moreover, the transition to virtual technology brings environmental benefits by cutting carbon emissions tied to travel, hence positively contributing to the sustainability goals of the company.

While remote work challenges exist, they can be tackled. Adapting to virtual work requires strategic solutions that leverage technology and encourage flexible remote work practices.

Discover more about these challenges and solutions in our blog.

Source: “Business Air Travel and Climate: Changing Behaviors Before, During, and Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic” World Resource Institute 2021

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