Digital twins help to optimize business operations

Polina Glukhova
August 15, 2023
digital twins optimise operations

World Economic Forum in their recent report with Accenture talks about the role of digital twins in accelerating sustainability. The report quantifies how digital twins help to optimize business operations:

 – 30-80% energy reduction in buildings

 – 30% reduction of production time & fewer prototypes needed for product development

These are very promising results from companies that have already put digital twin technology into action.

Digital Twins help to design, test, and model new products and processes faster and in a more sustainable way. Thus, for example, around 85% of the world’s electric vehicles (EVs) are designed and developed using digital twin technologies.

The report concludes that digital twins, AI, and metaverse tech will be key in digitalizing industries, driving sustainable innovation through adaptable and collaborative processes.

Explore other ways how the metaverse and VR can boost your business’s sustainability.

Source: Social Implications of the Metaverse WEF 2023

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