How to use AI in the metaverse

Polina Glukhova
July 11, 2023
AI and metaverse

AI and Metaverse can truly be a powerful combination.

Recent study on use of AI in the metaverse highlight three main use cases for AI in virtual environment context:

1. Create unique customer experiences

With AI in the metaverse, you can provide personalized customer experiences by offering tailored recommendations, answering inquiries, and providing real-time assistance for a customer.

2. Be a virtual assistant for your meetings

AI can work as a virtual assistant for your virtual meetings by managing participants, their schedules as well as files needed for the meeting. Automating these activities helps to enhance productivity and eliminate administrative work.

3. Ease 3D development

AI can assist in automating tasks, such as generating textures and optimizing lighting, empowering creators to focus on unleashing their creativity.

AI together with VR has the potential to revolutionize the way we work by streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing collaboration between people.

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Source: Artificial Intelligence for the Metaverse: A Survey


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