Remote work for organizational outcomes

Polina Glukhova
July 4, 2023
remote work for organizational outcomes

Is remote work effective for organizations?

Empirical studies reveal 32 correlations indicating a positive relationship between remote work and organizational outcomes. Positive impacts to organizations include:

1. Increase in productivity

Reduced distractions, flexibility and improved work-life balance positively contribute to a higher level of employee productivity.

2. Higher retention

By offering flexibility and autonomy to remote workers, companies attract top talent and keep job satisfaction levels high which decreases turnover rates.

3. Strengthened organizational commitment

By trusting the workers to do their work remotely, companies promote the sense of being valued, resulting in a stronger sense of loyalty and commitment towards the organization’s goals.

4. Improved performance

Remote work enhances overall performance because of increased diversity and expertise brought by remote team members, leveraging digital tools and prioritizing focused work execution.

It is important to note that while remote work offers numerous advantages, it is crucial for organizations to establish effective communication and collaboration tools, maintain clear expectations, and provide adequate support to ensure the success of remote teams.

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Source: Is telework effective for organizations? A meta-analysis of empirical research on perceptions of telework and organizational outcomes

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