Benefits of virtual workshops

Polina Glukhova
May 30, 2023
benefits of virtual workshop

The research on interactive virtual workshops identified that even after the pandemic, virtual workshops have their unique advantages:

1. More inclusive and provide a wider pool of participants

Breaking down geographical barriers and opening doors to a wider audience. A wider pool of participants ensures diverse perspectives, and ideas, enriching the overall learning outcomes.

2. Connection with people worldwide

Engage with like-minded people who might otherwise be inaccessible. This creates unique networking opportunities, foster collaboration and creates valuable professional relationships.

3. Reduce the impact of travel

Eliminate the need for travel and commute, which also reduces carbon emissions related to business operations. Additionally, this approach offers the added benefit of cost reduction.

These are 3 benefits of virtual workshops, events, and meetings that stay useful even after the pandemic.

Source: Interactive workshops in a pandemic: The real benefits of virtual space

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