Culture & Leadership for the Hybrid Workplace

Polina Glukhova
May 2, 2023
hybrid workplace culture

Gartner’s report on the culture and leadership for the hybrid workplace identified the top three challenges of adjusting the culture to hybrid work:

1. Adjusting the current culture

Establishing culture in the hybrid workplace requires a new approach, as employees perceive it differently.

Strengthening culture connectedness is the solution, which can be achieved through work, emotional proximity, and micro-based experiences.

2. Enabling managers to manage a hybrid workforce

Managing a hybrid workforce requires managers to adapt and find new ways to lead teams both online and offline.

They also need to ensure that remote workers have the necessary tools and support to complete their work.

3. Upskilling leaders to lead in hybrid work settings

Leadership styles should adjust to the differences between in-person and online environments. A more human approach to leadership, including being authentic, empathetic, and adaptive, is recommended.

Enabling flexibility and building trust should be at the core of the leadership style.

The hybrid work model combines both benefits of remote work and in-office presence. Nevertheless, there are challenges to address, and solving these challenges helps to create a sustainable culture that benefits employees and the company.

Source: “Evolve Culture & Leadership for the Hybrid Workplace” Gartner

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