Simulation of dangerous situations in VR

Polina Glukhova
April 25, 2023

Research on the simulation of dangerous situations in VR concluded that participants feel personally connected to the VR experience as if it would happen in real life. Some of the participants said:

“I was really aware of everything happening and I was reacting to it like it was a real scenario.”

The study demonstrated that participants had a strong emotional connection to the VR experience of the dangerous situation. This was primarily due to VR’s ability to create a high level of presence, causing participants to be fully involved in the situation.

This finding has important implications for the use of VR in training contexts. It confirms that VR simulations of risky scenarios offer a powerful tool for experiential learning.

This can be extremely effective in preparing individuals for high-risk situations in fields such as emergency services, healthcare, disaster response, etc.

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Source: “Dealing up the danger: Virtual reality for the simulation of risk”

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