VR as a communication medium

Polina Glukhova
March 14, 2023
VR communication medium

Virtual reality can facilitate communication that is just as intricate and rich as face-to-face interactions. That’s the finding of the research study on VR as a communication medium.

The study found that VR-mediated communication can be as complex and nuanced as face-to-face communication because participants are able to use a range of nonverbal cues to convey meaning and emotion, which drastically enhances social connections.

The research also dives into VR application field and states that VR can be:

1. An alternative to face-to-face collaborative meetings 🫱‍🫲
2. A substitute for e-learning and teleconferencing systems 💻
3. A creative platform for design, simulation, and construction tasks 🎨

These findings underline the value of VR as a tool for enhancing communication, learning and remote collaboration in the workplace. In this era of remote work, it is crucial to provide your team with efficient tools for productive collaboration.

Learn how you can enhance your team collaboration with various VR use cases.

Source: “Virtual reality as a communication medium: a comparative study of forced compliance in virtual reality versus physical world”

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