Metaverse Predictions 2023

Polina Glukhova
March 7, 2023

PwC identified six metaverse predictions that businesses can expect to take force in 2023. These are the four most fundamental ones:

1. Businesses will be the metaverse power users 💪

Business applications take the lead with practical use cases such as onboarding, training, and interacting with colleagues and customers in the virtual worlds. In addition, more companies simulate physical operations to improve supply chains, manufacturing, logistics, and customer satisfaction.

2. Trust will make or break metaverse success 📈

PwC believes that metaverse initiatives will rise or fall even more on trust than on functionality. Particularly, when it comes to businesses bringing their operations and customers into the metaverse, the security of the experience is the top priority.

3. XR and AI to drive the transformation 🔝

PwC believes that AI together with VR and AR will power immersive metaverse experiences and bring both transformative capabilities and smartness to the metaverse as well as make it easier for companies to implement metaverse experiences without in-depth knowledge of the underlying technologies.

4. The metaverse will be a force for good 🌳

Metaverse has great potential to support ESG initiatives by reducing carbon emissions from business travel, finding efficiencies in operations, and enabling consumers to try out digital products before buying.

These predictions are also well in-line with the practical use cases and interest from the companies that we are seeing in the market. The metaverse combines physical and digital worlds in new ways, opening new business opportunities.

Taking action on the metaverse now is more important than ever for your organization’s future success.

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Source: “Beyond the hype: what businesses can really expect from the metaverse in 2023” 

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