Choosing the right virtual space for your meeting

Tommi Rapeli
February 22, 2023

Different kinds of virtual spaces impact work productivity, creativity, and well-being in different ways, much like real-world environments do. In one of the largest studies of its kind, Stanford VR researchers have just shown how the size and location of virtual spaces can affect not only the quality of collaboration but people’s enjoyment of virtual meetings. The main takeaway: it’s important to choose a virtual space that aligns with your work goals and preferences.

A major advantage of virtual spaces over physical ones is that you have much more flexibility in what you use. Teams we work with have exploited this freedom in different ways. Some have designed virtual replicas of their physical offices. Salesforce, for example, invites customers to meet in a branded space resembling its iconic Salesforce Tower HQ in San Francisco.

Get creative in outdoor spaces

Others have embraced the chance to collaborate in environments that are radically different from their everyday. Outdoor settings have proven particularly popular. Glue’s Clarity Island offers a relaxing, informal atmosphere ideal for private discussions, while Mont Matiz works well for large creative workshops and team-building activities.

Outdoor spaces with panoramic vistas tend to reinforce people’s sense of freedom, while greenery and other elements of nature can improve mood, reduce stress, and increase productivity. 

Move indoors for small group huddles

Outdoor spaces aren’t necessarily the best for all situations, though. Virtual spaces that resemble traditional offices tend to work better for tasks where complete focus is required: think project reviews, one-on-ones, or problem-solving.

Southwark Tower, for example, works well for small-group meetings, while we developed Scrum Place specifically for sprint planning and daily standups. We especially love the slick branded scrum room AirFrance-KLM has created.

Variety without a big price tag

Whatever your needs, the virtual world offers plenty of choices, without the worry about cost. Your primary focus will be on determining which settings and contexts work best for different meetings.

We’ve heard about workshops held in different spaces having different dynamics, levels of interactivity and outcomes, despite the participants being the same, so it’s important to take a good look around at your space options first.

If you can’t find a suitable space, creating a custom virtual space can also be a great option. This can showcase your brand and corporate ethos, and allow for unique virtual simulations, like the one IQM, a leading quantum computing hardware company, has created

Furthermore, you can also bring your own space into Glue. On this front, we will actually have very exciting news to share with you shortly. Stay tuned!


If you’re new to virtual collaboration, virtual spaces are not the only aspect to pay attention to but they can play a significant role in shaping the atmosphere and outcome of virtual meetings, just like physical spaces can.

By selecting a virtual space that aligns with the goals and preferences of the team, you can set the stage for a more productive, creative, and enjoyable experience.

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