Why working from home will stick

Polina Glukhova
January 17, 2023
why working from home will stick

We’ve talked about the benefits and drawbacks of remote work or work-from-home (WFH). But, why should we expect that WFH will persist?

A recent working paper by Barrero J.M., Bloom N. & Davis S.J. studied why working from home will stick and they base their findings on the survey of 30 000 working-age Americans.

Here are the main reasons why working from home will sustain:

1. The research showed a 5% productivity boost in comparison with the pre-pandemic economy
2. Employees value WFH and favor the workplaces that provide it.
3. Companies have already invested in technology and re-optimized working processes during the pandemic.

Driven by these three factors, the data in the study says that 20% of the full workdays will be supplied from home compared to just 5% before the pandemic.

Source: “Why working from home will stick” NBER Working Paper 28731

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