Value creation in the metaverse

Polina Glukhova
December 13, 2022
sectors in the metaverse

“Value creation in the metaverse” is an insightful report from McKinsey & Company talking about the emergence of the metaverse, the factors driving investment, how consumers and businesses are using it today and may in the future, its value-creation potential, and how leaders and policy makers can plan their strategies and near-term actions.

One graph worth mentioning shows the sectors which are leading the metaverse adoption today and also plan to dedicate a significant share of their digital investment budgets to the metaverse.

Prominent sectors such as energy and resources, high tech, and healthcare are leading in the adaptation of the metaverse as the number of metaverse use cases is offering growth opportunities for the companies in these sectors.

Which opportunities does metaverse offer for businesses?

1. Consumer use cases: socializing, commerce, remote learning.
2. Enterprise solutions: Remote collaboration, training, digital twins.
3. New careers: a global community of independent developers and creators.

At Glue, we see many companies in these sectors actively exploring new opportunities, evaluating use cases and preparing to scale.

Have a look at our customer stories to learn how T-Systems MMS, Axel Springer SE, and IQM Quantum Computers have already implemented metaverse into their operations.

Source: Value creation in the metaverse

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