Effect of avatar representation on prosocial behaviour

Polina Glukhova
November 1, 2022
customisation options in avatars

Stanford University researchers Herrera, F. and Bailenson, J.N., examined the effect of avatar representation, choice and head movement on prosocial behaviour. The results showed that being able to customise the avatar leads to a significantly higher social presence and enhances the feeling of immersiveness.

By choosing the avatars’ skin tone and other aspects, research participants felt that they are better represented in the virtual environment. This increase in self-identification strengthens the participant’s feeling of immersiveness and boosts prosocial behaviour as participants presume that other virtual humans are also represented correctly in the virtual world.

At Glue, we believe that having various avatar customisation options is vital for creating a true presence that makes virtual meetings as great as face-to-face.

This is why in the latest release we’ve expanded avatars’ customisation options to elevate their visual appearance and the feeling of presence. Read more about the latest improvements: LINK TO RELEASE

Source: Virtual reality perspective- taking at scale: Effect of avatar representation, choice, and head movement on prosocial behaviors


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