The new Glue: improved virtual collaboration

Jussi Havu
October 20, 2022
virtual collaboration in Glue

HELSINKI—OCTOBER 20, 2022Glue Collaboration, the leader in collaborative, real-time VR software services, today announced a new release of Glue, bringing new features and updates for even better virtual collaboration. Among the highlights are new organization-level features, upgraded avatars with new gestures and customization options as well as other improvements to enhance your virtual collaboration with Glue.

“At Glue, we strive to provide a comprehensive solution for effective virtual collaboration. No one company is the same. That’s why with this release our focus was on introducing features that help our customers to integrate Glue into the working process and to build their own workflows to suit their own needs and requirements,”- says Tommi Rapeli, Head of Product at Glue.

What’s new in the latest Glue

Manage users and teams effortlessly

Glue is introducing new organization-level capabilities to manage users and teams in Glue. With new roles (admin, member and guest), it is easier to manage user access and data.

You can now also create open or private groups. The introduction of group status simplifies the management of users. Open groups can be joined by users without the need for an invitation; at the same time, the new Glue provides extra controls for specific groups that should be private due to confidentiality reasons or other internal policies. 

Improved avatar appearance, gestures and more custom options

The new Glue improves the shading of the avatars and their apparel, elevating their visual appearance and the feeling of presence. The upgrade also enhances avatar gestures to make their use more intuitive and improve non-verbal communication during virtual meetings.

Expressive avatars are key for effective communication. This release further expands the customization options for avatars and allows users to express themselves accurately in the virtual world. New options include a variety of beards and hairstyles.

More supported apps, share files with ease

Glue already supports an extensive list of third-party apps for users to get the most out of their favorite tools in virtual reality. This release adds Google Photos, Google Images, Adobe Creative Cloud and iCloud, expanding the list further. 

Downloads and uploads are now supported for cloud storage like OneDrive, Google Drive and iCloud. Users can download the files from the storage and upload them straight to the space and teams files in Glue, which eases document management and speeds up the sharing of information during virtual meetings.

Glue becomes available on Meta Quest Pro

Advances in virtual reality devices improve the quality of immersion and the feeling of true presence. That’s why one of our priorities is to bring Glue to the best virtual collaboration devices on the market.

With this release, we are proud to announce that Glue is Meta’s launch partner for the Meta Quest Pro. Glue is available on Meta Quest Pro at its launch on October 25, 2022. 

The new release of Glue is available today for all users. 

Ready to bring your virtual collaboration to the next level? 

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