XR and its potential for Europe

Polina Glukhova
October 18, 2022
Glue Insights XR technology

How can XR positively contribute to environmental sustainability? 🌳

Immersive experiences can impact sustainability by providing solutions to change people’s habits towards more sustainable behaviour. Behaviour change takes time, but there are already clear examples of how VR can directly contribute to the environment right now:

🗑️ Reduce waste by making prototypes in VR for design & manufacturing industries.

🛬 Decrease the need for travel by using VR collaboration platforms for team meetings, onboarding & training

🔋 Energy savings by advanced assessment of architecture & construction projects in VR

The report “XR and its potential for Europe”, published by ECORYS Brussels, talks in detail about how these points are making a positive impact on the environment with examples of companies who have already implemented these practices and enjoyed the results.

At Glue, we believe that while behaviour change will take time, we see how more and more companies turn to VR to collaborate virtually and implement new technologies to not only be more productive and competitive but also to make their operations more sustainable. Awesome trend that makes the world a better and more sustainable place! 

Source: XR and its potential for Europe

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