Work from home benefits

Polina Glukhova
October 4, 2022
Glue Insight about work from home

Aksoy C.G., Barrero J.M., Bloom N., Davis S.J.Dolls M., & Zarate P., in their recent paper on “Working from Home Around the World”, conducted a global survey of working arrangements in 27 countries and conclude the pros & cons of remote, hybrid and full-time office setup.

The research considered the benefits of WFH, but today we decided to highlight the challenges of getting employees back to the office:

🧑‍🎨 Narrows talent pool
🌍 Requires a larger physical footprint
💲 Raises out-of-pocket compensation costs
🧑‍💼 Lower retention rates

Based on the research, employees consider WFH a great benefit and prefer remote work options, making it harder to find a skilful full-time office worker. The retention rates for office workers are lower, which also adds additional hiring costs.

Why some companies would like to bring people back to the office?🤔

The main reason is the high intensity of in-person communication which can have operational advantages. Good reason, but looking at the list of disadvantages we believe that there is a way to have WFH but keep a high-quality level of communication in a company.

This is where virtual reality collaboration comes in handy. Due to true presence and a high level of non-verbal communication, VR meetings feel as great as face-to-face. With a virtual collaboration platform, you can take advantage of WFH without sacrificing effective communication. Try it yourself and book a demo of Glue today. 

Source: Working from Home Around the World

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