The Key Components of a Metaverse Strategy and Capability

Polina Glukhova
August 2, 2022
The Key Components of a Metaverse Strategy and Capability

How the metaverse will remake your strategy?

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has published an interesting article “How the metaverse will remake your strategy” with plenty of real-world use cases for a broad range of industries. In our today’s Glue Insight we want to share their ten-step plan on how to build your metaverse capability (see the image).

Here is their recipe for success in short:

1. Start with strategy and vision.
2. Then build your digital assets and digital twins and develop competencies to compete.
3. Focus on customer discovery and building trust with customers.
4. Use AI to personalize the experiences.
5. Monitor and measure progress and engage your organization.

This does not sound that different from implementing any other business strategy. And it is not.

BCG concludes their report with a great statement: “The metaverse represents a broad opportunity that encompasses much more than avatars, gaming, AR and VR, and consumer applications. Devices provide the window, but success will require a robust understanding of the confluence of business strategy, traditional and virtual digital assets, and the new tools and assets of a Web3-enabled environment. The time to start gaining that understanding is now.”

Well said.

Source: How the Metaverse will remake your strategy

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