Opportunities in metaverse for B2B

Polina Glukhova
May 3, 2022
metaverse for b2b

This year J.P.Morgan published a compelling report on the opportunities in the metaverse for businesses. The report considers how the metaverse is going to change our lives from social, consumer and business perspectives.

From J.P. Morgan’s report, we want to share these 3 opportunities in the metaverse:

1. Test products in a virtual environment at a lower cost. Since you can import any object to the metaverse, it makes the showcasing of large objects easier. For example, large factory equipment can be demonstrated virtually. Moreover, you can use simulation to show how it works to your customers.

2. “Metaverse will massively expand access to the marketplace for consumers from emerging and frontier economies.” With the use of the internet and VR, people from low-income countries will get access to jobs in western companies, education possibilities & can use services virtually.

3. Businesses can massively scale by building a global hub virtually and being able to serve millions of customers without a need to open stores in every country.

These points are excellent examples of how both companies and consumers can benefit from the metaverse. And already today companies are leveraging the capabilities such as virtual collaboration, virtual offices and product showcasing. As an example, Fazer, the Finnish confectionery company, created a virtual tour of a Fazer factory with Glue to present a Fazer Experience in a visitor centre. Learn more about the Fazer customer showcase in Glue.

Source: Opportunities in the metaverse

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