Metaverse growth across industries

Polina Glukhova
April 26, 2022
metaverse growth across industries

This week’s insight is based on the BCG’s Technology, Media, Telecommunication (TMT) Value Creators Report 2022 which proposes actions for TMT companies to take in a near future to retain their value.
One of the proposed actions is “Develop a metaverse strategy” and here is why.

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) claims that a metaverse is going to pervade business, private lives, social interactions and drive growth across all TMT industries. In addition, the metaverse market is estimated to reach $1 trillion by 2030. Clearly, it is time to think about how companies can benefit from the metaverse ecosystem.

For Glue Team, these findings are interesting from the virtual collaboration point of view. BCG summed up its analyses in a graph that illustrated when particular technologies will appear on the market and their level of distribution. BCG report highlight several metaverse use cases and practices such as design workshops, team building, sales meetings, recruiting and immersive collaborations, which they have plotted into the “time to market” and “level of distribution” axis.

In our graph, we have elevated 10 use cases which are already available today, and companies can not only plan how to use metaverse but implement virtual collaboration into their operations already now. With Glue, our virtual platform, you can easily take your meetings, workshops and training activities into VR and bring immersive collaboration to your organization today.

Source: BCG’s Technology, Media, Telecommunication (TMT) Value Creators Report 2022

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