Glue launches on the Oculus Store

Jussi Havu
February 4, 2021

Glue’s arrival expands the possibilities for teams that need remote meetings to be as great as working face to face

HELSINKI—FEBRUARY 4, 2021—Glue Collaboration, the leader in real-time virtual collaboration software, today announced the availability of Glue on the Oculus Store.

From today, Quest and Quest 2 users can download and launch Glue straight from their headset. Users with a Glue license can simply log in and start using Glue. New users can create a new Glue Team on a free licence tier directly in the application, or at

Jussi Havu, CEO, Glue Collaboration, said: “Two months ago we unveiled a major new release of Glue, enabling remote teams to have their most immersive meetings yet. Today, we’re excited to share the news that Glue is now instantly accessible on the most widely used VR headsets today. This is another important milestone in our journey to empower remote teams everywhere to do their best work through Glue.”

Glue is a collaboration platform that brings teams together to learn, share, plan and create in a variety of feature-rich workspaces. Appealing to people’s visual, haptic and auditory senses, Glue provides a level of immersion in remote meetings not possible with video conferencing platforms. The result is that users far apart feel like they are working face to face.

Communication is natural and easy thanks to Glue’s 3D spatial audio design and highly expressive, AI-powered avatars. Users can customize their own avatar with the built-in configurator, adjusting face shape and features, hair and clothing as well as choosing colors. Millions of permutations are possible.

Inside Glue, teams will find a full meeting toolkit enabling them to express and share their ideas in-session with ease, such as by spawning whiteboards, creating sticky notes and drawing in 3D.

Alongside the Quest and Quest 2, Glue can be accessed with all SteamVR compatible VR headsets including Windows Mixed Reality devices, as well as on PC and Mac.

Glue is used for remote collaboration by teams at a growing number of enterprises, including Air France-KLM, Axel Springer, BCG Platinion, Fazer, Maillefer, Microsoft, Patria and T-Systems Multimedia Solutions.

About Glue Collaboration

Glue Collaboration (Helsinki, Finland) is the leader in real-time virtual collaboration software. We run Glue, a platform for teams that need remote meetings to be as great as working face to face. In Glue, teams collaborate in persistent, feature-rich and fully customizable shared virtual spaces. With world-class immersive 3D graphics, spatialized audio design and AI-powered avatars, Glue is a place where communication is natural and effortless, and where users experience a true sense of presence. Empower your team to do its best work by visiting:

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