The new way of working: live and asynchronous collaboration in a VR workspace

Jussi Havu
January 21, 2021
Virtual remote meeting in Glue

One of the joys of games like Minecraft and Roblox is seeing multiple players build and interact together in a single, three-dimensional world.

These games are designed to persist objects and structures in place, allowing you to return to your creations at any time and pick up from where you left off.

Their persistence also gives players the ability to collaborate asynchronously, which means you might find friends have been busy building while you were away.

At Glue, we’ve applied the same dynamic to 3D workspaces. Granted, the world of work is a little more complex than in a video game. But the core principle is the same: to eliminate friction from the collaborative process.

In the workplace, whether businesses care to admit it or not, the surge in remote working has set back many forms of collaborative work. Daily scrums, workshops and brainstorming are hard to replicate using video conferencing applications because they require frictionless interactions between participants, and that’s not always achievable, as we have discussed here.

Persistent 3D virtual spaces provide a way to address this problem. In live collaborative scenarios, they work to mimic the experience people have when meeting in person in a real physical setting.

They also work well as an environment for asynchronous collaboration. While some team members sleep, others can work in the space, leaving their plans, drawings, sticky notes and charts in place for others to return in the morning. Just like in a realm in Minecraft, your collaborators may be thousands of miles away but they can drop in whenever it suits them.

In the video below, you can see how a dispersed team works in this new mode.

Almost all asynchronous collaboration methods used today — like email, messaging boards or recordings of a conference call — are 2D and limited to varying degrees. Needless to say, we’re excited about the possibilities of bringing remote collaboration into a 3D environment.

Glue users have already been finding this new mode of working advantageous for their regular planning meetings and project scrums.

In fact, dedicated spaces can be created for every type and instance of meeting, and for each you can enable the same workflows that you might expect in an equivalent face-to-face meeting.

The added bonus is that you get to do away with a few real-world gripes: there’s no scrambling to book meeting rooms, no wiping clean of whiteboards, and no risk of being kicked out of the room by the next group if you overrun.

Finally, you’ll enjoy the additional benefit of being able to prepare a space and its contents well in advance of a workshop or that all-important customer presentation.

Want to experience Glue for yourself? Book a demo here and enjoy uninterrupted collaboration on your own terms.

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