Remote working the right way

Jussi Havu
July 30, 2020
Virtual remote meeting in Glue

Is the pandemic leading us into a golden age of remote working? A cursory scan of headlines over the past few months would have us believe so.

Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke declared that “office centricity is over” and said the e-commerce platform would be “digital by default”. Twitter told employees they could work from home “forever”. And Peugeot owner Groupe PSA announced “a new era of agility”, with non-production staff switching to teleworking. Das Homeoffice has even garnered increased support in Germany, known for its more conservative corporate culture.

But not everyone is convinced about remote working – at least in its current forms. People are getting fatigued, “collaboration is harder” and “training new workers is a struggle”, the Wall Street Journal grumbled this week after gauging attitudes among CEOs across corporate America. And earlier this month, the OECD warned that while widespread remote working “has the potential to improve productivity” in the long run, it “carries risks especially for innovation and worker satisfaction.”

Such worries are real. We have touched on some of the problems with video conferencing tools in previous posts. And, unsurprisingly, we have also told anyone who will listen that those problems fall away in virtual collaboration in Glue.

In fact, enabling people and teams to maximize their output and capacity for innovation is at the heart of our mission. This means not only providing an experience that feels like you are face to face with your colleagues, but going beyond that to eliminate many of the annoyances people face in real world meetings.

We believe Glue should be the place where you can do your best work.

Accordingly, we have integrated several features, capabilities and benefits into Glue to empower you and your team to work remotely the right way.

1 Choose your optimal team setting Effective collaboration begins with the right spatial environment. Meeting in virtual team spaces specially configured for different types of meetings boosts productivity. We offer several readymade spaces. You can also create and import your own 3D geometry. This might be a classroom-type environment for training, a virtual showroom, or a replica of your manufacturing facility for customer tours.

2 Make yourself at home There’s no need to wipe clean the whiteboard for the next meeting. Glue spaces are persistent, so your content stays where it is, untouched for the next time you return.

3 Access a suite of collaboration tools Glue meetings allow users to have constant access to a selection of tools at your fingertips. Pull up files, annotation tools and much more with a swift push of a button – without having to take off your headset.

4 Never run out of space Your virtual environments can be as large as you like, and if you need bigger walls or whiteboards for all your notes and ideas, it takes moments to create them.

5 Move mountains Explore and manipulate 3D objects and models right before you. No matter how big they are, you always have the strength to move them with ease.

6 Collaborate 24/7 Your Glue team spaces can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, as long as you have an internet connection. Whether working from home, the summer cabin or an office, your space is always ready when you are.

7 Ditch the commute and take back your time It takes seconds to join a space and get to work with your team. Glue is optimized to improve people’s focus on the goal of the meeting – removing the distractions we often experience in physical meetings and video conferences, while boosting productivity and helping ignite people’s creativity.

What could you achieve? You can book a demo here and see for yourself.

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