The June 2020 Update of Glue is available

Jussi Havu
June 11, 2020

We are happy to announce that the June 2020 Update of Glue is here!

This June 2020 Update introduces new features such as a personal browser and playback support for videos stored in Team Files as well as two brand new Team Spaces.

This 1.3.0 version of Glue introduces both new spaces and features for you to enjoy. Two new spaces, Southwark Tower and Boardroom, are the latest additions to our catalog of Team Spaces. Of these two new spaces, Boardroom will also come with a cool new Audio Isolation functionality allowing users inside the audio isolated room to have private discussions without other users in the space being able to hear them.

We bring two highly requested features in: Browser and Video support. Browser allows you to access all your web content directly in VR, while the video support let’s you play your videos in Glue directly from your Team files. In addition to the new spaces and features this update adds a set of both technical and user experience improvements such as automated validation of local assets and a separate desktop view app.

Please, see all features and improvements of the release below:

New features:

  • Personal browser app

  • Playback support for videos stored in Team Files

  • Two brand new Glue Team Spaces: Southwark Tower and Boardroom

  • Automatic validation of Scene assets


  • Separate Desktop View app from Tablet.

  • Close button to clock.

  • Splash screen with loading indicator

  • Changing space will now automatically validate that the local asset is up to date.

  • Glue base frame rate set to 60. This will limit the resources Glue consumes depending on the hardware.

  • Asset downloading before entering the space.


  • Fixes on client performance and stability

  • Fix on desktop streaming

  • Fixes on previously set Team, Nickname and Avatar to remain logout

Reach out to us at experience the June 2020 version of Glue!

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