A new version of Glue is now out and available for download


A new version of the Glue application is now out and available for download at https://app.glue.work

This update brings completely new UI and new features such as Laser pointer and Timer. We have also updated the whiteboard: Now you can attach notes there as well.

Check out the video below to see it in action.



  • Infra: Version check - Glue will now check for updates and prevent using an incompatible version

  • Tools: Laser Pointer

  • Tools: Stopwatch & Time - Keep track of time during that big presentation!

  • Whiteboard: attach notes


  • Avatars: 12 new avatar models to choose from!

  • UI: Complete UI overhaul, including new design and icons

  • UI: Error dialogs now also appear in VR

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes

  • Video streaming: Requires a preconfigured workspace, please contact support@glue.work