VR is an effective tool to raise environmental awareness

Polina Glukhova
December 6, 2022
VR is an effective tool

A recent study investigated the effects of different degrees of immersion and different levels of navigation freedom on emotions, the feeling of presence, and participants’ intention to change their environmental behavior. The results are worth highlighting!

The research found that immersion and navigation in VR significantly affect the participants’ emotions. Emotions, in its turn, influence people’s intention to change their behavior.

With this mechanism, virtual reality can be successfully used to raise awareness of topics like sustainability and environmental threats, which was proven in the study. Moreover, it is also possible to change people’s behavior with a carefully designed VR experience.

But it is worth noting that in order to achieve proper results, the virtual experience must be carefully designed. This is why at Glue, we pay so much attention to the purposefully designed spaces, expressive avatars and the feeling of presence.

To help your company to change behavior and reduce your carbon footprint, here is an article stating five ways XR can help to reduce the footprint of your company.

Source: Effects of immersion and navigation agency in virtual environments on emotions and behavioral intentions

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