How hybrid working from home works out

Polina Glukhova
November 8, 2022
Hybrid work from home

“How hybrid working from home works out” a remarkable working paper by Nick Bloom, Ruobing Han & James Liang identified the benefits of hybrid working from home in an experiment held together with, a global travel agency.

The experiment revealed 4 key results:
1. WFH reduced attrition rates by 35%
2. Self-assessed employee productivity increased by 1.8%
3. WFH provides flexibility & improves work satisfaction scores
4. Lines of code written increased by 8%

The paper also noted that there was an increase in messaging and video call communication, even when in the office. This reflects the impact of remote work on the modes of communication. After the evaluation of the findings, rolled out the WFH policy for the entire company.

At Glue, we believe that these benefits are possible to achieve and sustain if companies are mindful of how they manage the new way of working and provide the right tools for the job.

Source: “How hybrid working from home works out”

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